Monday, September 22, 2014

Ninth planet of Taya (1964)

Ninth planet of Taya (1964)

Story by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Art by O.Novozonov
Translated by Nikita "Fjodin" Kondratov
Editing by Omer G. Joel and Anya Kondratova

PLEASE if you have better ideas how to edit some sentences, please write them in comments, because English is my second language.

Unfortunately it was nearly impossible to maintain the same font size at each slide. It is because of length difference of Russian and English sentences and limited size of black area at the bottom of a slide.

Slide 2 - The idea of Communism established on Earth in the near future was very common in Soviet science fiction.

Slide 3 - Ilya Muromets or Murom is a folk hero of Kievan Rus, a bogatyr (knight-errant) and a character of many bylinas (medieval epic poems).

Slide 5 - Astronauts  are called cosmonauts in Russia.

Slide 6 - Cosmodrom is the Russian name for a spaceport.

Slide 8 - Note that spaceship have artificial gravity

Slides 9 and 10 - I am not an astrophysicist, but perhaps this is some sort of very old theory.

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  1. If I understand correctly, "overload" is due to acceleration, as their Bussard drive can get to a pretty high acceleration rate.